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He was born in October 1922 in Istanbul.

After graduating from Haydarpaşa High School in 1940, he studied Law at Istanbul University.

He taught “Turkish Language and Turkish Literature” at various high schools in Istanbul between 1950-1955. 

From 1955 to 1963, he worked as the director of the Istanbul Sports and Exhibition Center which belonged to Istanbul Municipality.  

He wrote in 1956-1959 as the chief author of Arapgir Post newspaper, mainly about foreign policy, especially emphasizing the situation of captive and oppressed nations and the importance of Africa. 

In 1959, Fethi Gemuhluoğlu married Dr Emine Suzan and had two children, Mehmet Ali and Veli Selman. In 1963-65 he stayed with his family in Germany. 

During the period of the ministery of National Education of his friend Nevzat Cihat Bilgehan, he worked as his Executive Assistant in 1965-66.

Between 1966-1969 he worked as Press Consultant to the Union of Chambers of Turkey.  

From 1969 onwards, he worked as the Secretary-General of Türkpetrol Foundation, the first foundation which granted non-refundable scholarships to undergraduate and graduate Turkish students, which was founded by his friends Mithat Recai Öğdevin and Ahmet Aydın Bolak with him. 

In his speeches, he drew attention to the spiritual life with an emphasis on enthusiasm, love and friendship, like his recorded lecture “On Friendship” on November 22, 1975. 

He passed away on October 5, 1977; his grave is in the Sahrayıcedid Cemetery in Istanbul.

“Bağlanma” (“The Attachment”) which was translated into English in 2017 in Edebiyat Dergisi Publications was written by Nuri Pakdil on Fethi Gemuhluoğlu in 1979. Dostluk Üzerine” (“On Friendship”) of Fethi Gemuhluoğlu has been published by İz Yayıncılık Publications since 2013 (8. Printing).